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The company strictly implements the safe work ticket system [2017-11-22]
Park 2 boiler starts drying [2017-11-21]
New ideas put forward new goals, new goals call for new actions [2017-11-17]
Youth League Committee to carry out the "Nineteen party" conference spirit learning [2017-11-16]
Directly under the supervision committee of the inspection and acceptance team to the source of acceptance guidance [2017-11-16]
Let the nineteen spirits enter the mind [2017-11-10]
Company three system expansion, external supervision through the audit [2017-11-07]
Hao Yuan products in the eighth Northwest Anhui (Fuyang) agricultural exposition attracted much attention [2017-11-07]
Youth League Committee held a youth salon Forum [2017-11-03]
Wang Xianyi to HaoYuan investigation [2017-11-02]
Park project is stepping up construction [2017-10-31]
No. 2 decarbonization operation resumed operation [2017-10-31]
Hao Yuan company in the National Chemical (chemical fertilizer) water treatment technology exchange conference to exchange experience [2017-10-28]
Fuyang Vocational and Technical College students visit the company to study [2017-10-27]
The investment promotion work of the whole city will be observed and promoted, and attendees will come to see the Haoyuan [2017-10-27]
Occupational health examination was carried out by the employees of the company [2017-10-26]
Provincial People's Congress research group to investigate the Haoyuan [2017-10-21]
EMBA elite from East China University of Science and Technology [2017-10-20]
Hao Yuan Group participates in the second China International Fertilizer Exhibition [2017-10-19]
Military training activities carried out by the security department [2017-10-17]
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