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Directly under the supervision committee of the inspection and acceptance team to the source of acceptance guidance
Author:Yang Bo   Source:Union   Published:2017-11-16   Viewed 63 times


In November 10th, the Fuyang Municipal Committee of the next generation executive vice chairman Ma Jianmin line 6, to the firm base "Five" Committee for inspection and acceptance.
In the conference room of the company, Qi Wei, director of the office of the Committee of the CPC Committee of the company, reports to Ma Jianmin and his party about the work of the next generation. After consulting the relevant information of the company carefully, the inspection committee of the Work Committee believes that the company is concerned about the work of the next generation and supports the work of the committee. According to the actual situation of the firm, conducted very fruitful work, in accordance with the "Five" cycc conditions.
After the meeting, the inspection and approval group of the working group went to visit Fuyang coal based new material industrial park. In the project site construction site of Ho Yuen company, Wang Weifeng, general manager of the company, reports to the inspection team and the whole team on the overall construction plan and the progress of the project construction. The acceptance group and the party went deep into the actual visit of each project site, and saw the magnificent scene and vigorous construction scene of the park, and the leaders of the inspection and acceptance group felt extremely sad. They said that the company will be able to make greater contributions to the construction of greater Fuyang.



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