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New ideas put forward new goals, new goals call for new actions
Author:Yang Bo   Source:Union   Published:2017-11-17   Viewed 59 times


In the afternoon of November 13, 2017, according to the unified arrangement of the Party committee, the Party branch of the organization organized all Party members to concentrate on the nineteen major reports.
Through the study of the original report, deepened the understanding of socialist ideological characteristics China Party General Secretary Xi Jinping of the new era, we will report a heated discussion about, have said that we must conscientiously study and deeply understand, combined with their own work post, don't forget the heart, remember our mission, to implement the spirit of the nineteen in the future, thinking and action with the report spirit, to implement the objectives and tasks identified nineteen to gather strength.
Development is the first important task, and making the enterprise bigger, stronger and better is the best practice of the nineteen spirits. At present, the development of Haoyuan group is in a critical period, Kou Zi Park project construction is like a raging fire, as the organ of the company party members, to take practical action to study and implement the nineteen spirit of the report, and strive to mind a new height, work to a new level, to service for the production and construction of the park to do business, the new contribution to the development of Haoyuan group.



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