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Park 2 boiler starts drying
Author:Wu Wenwen   Source:Information Office   Published:2017-11-21   Viewed 44 times

In November 15th, good news came from the project Department of Fuyang coal based new material industrial park. The first phase of boiler project No. 2 was successfully ignited and started drying.
At 10:59 a.m., Gao Minglin, the deputy general manager of the company, held the torch to ignite the fuel in boiler No. 2, and the flame lit the whole furnace. Boiler No. 2 began to run the furnace.
The boiler baking is to evenly bake the refractory lining, partition wall, flue, brick chimney and so on in the furnace. The refractory lining, flue and chimney are moist and must be gradually dried by baking so as to increase the strength of lime mortar. After the boiler is baking, it needs to be boiled, ignition, booster, warm pipe and other processes, before they can be put into production.
After the boiler is put into production, the qualified steam is produced, which is the condition of blowing, pressure testing, test leakage and monomer test run in the back section. Therefore, the boiler section successfully start-up test run, is the premise of the whole project test run, drive, the Fuyang coal based new material industrial park project early success to play a decisive role.


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