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The company strictly implements the safe work ticket system
Author:Wu Wenwen   Source: Information Office   Published:2017-11-22   Viewed 46 times

In order to standardize and strictly regulate the maintenance procedures of chemical equipment, and further prevent accidents in maintenance and repair, and ensure the safe and stable operation of the production, the company requires all inspection and maintenance work to strictly implement the safety work ticket system.
The firm is the production of chemical enterprise, exist in the process of high temperature and high pressure, inflammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive and easy unsafe factors, if the operation in patients with these risk factors such as fire, earth, space, and high kicking into the tower into the tank, lifting, electricity and so on, must be strictly for safe operation the ticket, according to the implementation of the measures. After the completion of the work, it is necessary to strictly verify and keep the operation ticket properly. At the same time, the operation ticket is retained as the original record, which provides reference for equipment maintenance, and is also an important basis to distinguish responsibility after the accident.
Safe operation ticket generally has eight kinds: 1, hot work permit; 2, enter the confined space work permit; 3, the passive safety operation certificate; 4, temporary power operating license; 5, the safe operation of circuit card; 6, high safety work permit; 7, equipment maintenance permit safe operation; 8. The hoisting safety work permit.


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