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Group office Telephone: 086-0558-2368015   2368080
Fax: 086-0558-2368686
Contact: Xu Zhongming

Office of Board of directors

Telephone: 086-0558-2368969
Fax: 086-0558-2368686
Contact: Liu Zhenya
Coal supply Telephone: 086-0558-2368274
Contact:  Yang Jie Xie Weimin
Machine supply Telephone: 086-0558-2368068   2368416
Fax: 086-0558-2368416
Contact: Ge Xiugang
Chemical product sale(Methanol & Morpholin) Telephone: 086-0558-2368871  2368678
Fax: 086-0558-2368678
Contact: Xiao pengpeng Zhu Lijuan
Fertilizer sale
(Carbamide, Ammonium hydrogen carbonate, Liquor ammonia)
Telephone: 086-0558-2368445
Fax: 086-0558-2368793
Contact:  Jia Jian, Guan Yafeng,Sun Kaixuan
Gas-making company(Oxygen & acetylene) Telephone: 086-0558-2326689
Contact: Wu Wanyi
Plastic Industry(Plastic woven bag) Telephone: 086-0558-2368340
Contact: Ren Mingzhi
Jieshou subcompany Telephone: 086-0558-4812571
Contact: Li Guangxiu
Company Address Address: Fukang road, No.1, Fuyang city, Anhui province.
Postcode: 236056

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