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Introduction of Fuyang Haoyuan Machine Co., Ltd
     After many years development, now we have been large in scale and strength. Our company covers an area of 5,000 square meters and our workshop area is over 1,500 square meters. We have over thirty years experience in manufacture and installation of chemical industry and accessories. Now we own design license and manufacture license for class one and class two pressure vessel and design licenses for pressure tubing. There are over 130 employees that include over 30 professionals and over 70 workers with operation licenses (including 35 welders for pressure vessel). We own five millions yuan fixed assets. Our representational products are reactors, transform furnace and so on. There are strict quality management system, all necessary production equipments and perfect test measurements.
     Now we owns over 90 production equipments such as coiling machine, lathe, quick-return planer, air hammer, shearing machine, bending machine, radial drill, submerged-arc welding machine, argon arc welding machine, AC/DC welding machine, X-ray machine, ultrasonic detecting machine, 12-ton / 15-ton crane and so on. Our maximal hoist ability is 500 tons and maximal cold coiling thickness is 40mm. We own such perfect processing abilities and test measurements as welding, machine processing, nondestructive detection and physical and chemical test and can hoist many kinds of large scale equipments.
     Sticking to company’s ideas of “Nature movement is strong, so we should constantly strive to be stronger. People-oriented and innovation by science and technology”, we carry on clean production and serve customers and strive to build a powerful and multi-industries development large-scale company group.
Address: Fukang road, No.1, Fuyang city, Anhui province. Contact persons: Manager Jiang, Ren Mingzhi, Zhao Ming, Li Jizhong, Guo Jun.

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