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DGA is essentially colorless, slightly viscous liquid with a mild amine odor. DGA is miscible with water, alcohols, and aromatic hydrocarbons, but relatively immiscible with aliphatic hydrocarbons and ethyl ether. Isometric with diethanolamine; however, the primary H2N group makes it more reactive. 

APPLICATIONS • Used for carbonyl sulfide (COS) removal from liquid hydrocarbon streams 
               • Used as a selective solvent for recovery of aromatics from refinery streams 
               • Removes carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from natural and refinery gas, aliphatic hydrocarbon liquids and other sour hydrocarbon steams. 
               •Preparation of foam stabilizers, wetting and emulsifying agents, condensation polymers, photoresist strippers, and amides for personal care and metalworking applications.
Property Specifications 
Appearance Clear and substantially free ST-30.1 
of suspended matter 
Color, Pt-Co 35 max. ST-30.12 
DIGLYCOLAMINE, wt% (by GC) 98 min. ST-35.18 
         Water, wt% 0.5 max. ST-31.53, 6
Boiling point, °C (°F) 221 (430) 
        Flash point, PMCC, °C (°F) 124 (255) 
        Freezing point, °C (°F) -12 (10) 
        pH: 10-12 
        Specific gravity, 20/20°C 1 
        Vapor pressure, mm Hg, 20°C (68°F) < 0.01 
        Vapor Density 4 
        Viscosity, cSt, 51.7°C (125°F) 7.5 
        Water solubility > 10

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