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First, basic
Intelligent controlled release fertilizer containing peptide, polypeptide hormone, anti cropping energy factor, promoting rooting agent etc..
Two, physical and chemical
The total nitrogen (N) = 46.2.
Three, products
Compared with common urea consumption, quick effect, prevent crop diseases, peptide slow-release urea than common urea quick, this product is based on pure urea added polyaspartic acid and plant growth factor activity and trace elements, can make the crops with fertilizer, balanced growth, disease resistance, stress resistance and long-term nutrient release is not volatile, non loss, high utilization rate, and can increase crop yield, improve quality, increase production effect is good, widely used in wheat, corn, cotton, vegetables, rice and other crops.
Four, application
The product can be used alone in agriculture (such as: Anase, furrowing, broadcasting, etc.) can also be used as a synergist of fertilizer use, can produce (PASP) efficiency of urea (urea polypeptide). As a synergist of fertilizer could promote the nutrient absorption of grain, vegetables, fruits, flowers and other crops. Domestic and foreign research and application results show that the effect of poly aspartate as a plant nutrient absorption enhancer is true, suitable for a variety of plants and soils, with the use of chemical fertilizers and its main characteristics:
Characteristic one, reduce the loss of chemical fertilizer, activate nutrient element, increase the utilization rate of fertilizer;
Characteristics of two, to promote the crop of iron, zinc, manganese and other trace elements absorption;
Characteristics three, promote root growth, enhance stress resistance.


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