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To have the will and the company to carry out business cooperation with clients
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According to the requirement of purchasing management system of our company, to standardize our company qualified supplier management, where there is a will and our company to carry out business cooperation with clients, before the relevant business cooperation must pass by my company power department lead organization qualified supplier evaluation, our company annual 3, 6, 9, a late December qualification supplier review meeting.
Have the will and my company business cooperation units please provide the following review material at the time node.
1, the company (unit) 3 (business license, tax registration certificate, certificate of organization code) copy with units of fresh chapter.
2, the legal power of attorney (to be stamped with fresh chapter).
3, enterprise introduction, product introduction (manual), product technical index file.
4, product use customer introduction and performance.
5, pan, capacity, pipe, valve, dangerous chemicals, the class must provide production, management related qualification certificate.
Note: A, submission:
1, the relevant material express to our company supply department.
(mailing address: Anhui province Fuyang City Fukang road machinery supply department No. 1 Anhui Haoyuan Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. postcode: 236056)
2, the relevant business people with my company.
Two, do not accept electronic review materials.


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