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Thank letter
Author:   Source:Union   Published:2013-04-16   Viewed 1493 times

Dear comrades of all employees , Hello everyone :
April 12, 2013 Let us all together is a day to remember , because this day our group companies to invest 1 billion yuan , which lasted one year and six months of space heaters a project once drove a success.
Space heaters an engineering success of a car so we can all see the dawn of enterprises to take off , felt a new hope in the front . In this happy occasion , the company committees, the Board of Directors , the union in good faith on this road say " You have worked hard , Thank you so much ! "
Three years of business development, we have gone through both heat and cold , but also felt Fruitful, especially the past more than a year , is the Group's past and the future , unity and hard work , innovation of the year, the majority of people are united by mutual encouragement , the difficulties , do solid work, dedication year.
In relation to the company 's survival space heaters construction process, due to heavy task , tight , difficult and more , you are from project evaluation to process design, from processing equipment to the engineering, installation, from the system commissioning feeding operation , to overcome the difficulties . Overtime every day , day and night , diligent , serious and responsible work with. Key challenges encountered , you have overnight research, analysis , until the problem is solved in the construction process I wonder if you have to give up the number of holidays , I wonder if you have lost a number of opportunities for family reunion , perhaps you are a parent not in front of a filial sons and daughters , perhaps you were not around in a considerate lover 's husband or wife , perhaps you are in a child's eyes is not a competent father, mother, but here we can proudly say to you : You we are group of companies best employees , you are the greatest wealth group !
Space heaters drive the success of the project , including forward to your hard work and wisdom , cohesion forward to your hard work and sweat , you are faced with various challenges , courageous , down to earth , hard working , dedicated , always with a high work ethic and serious and responsible work attitude fighting in the first line of work , creating a space heaters building history one miracle after another . In this , the company thank you , the company will not forget who you are , you will be forever etched their achievements in the development of the Group Hao source annals . Meanwhile, the Group company party , the Board , the union is also here to the families of all employees to express my sincere gratitude and respect , is exactly what you have in the rear of the silent support , selfless enable our employees could no worries , they were able to work , courage , for we are here to sincerely say: thank you , you have worked hard !
Staff Comrades: space heaters a project successful car represents only a temporary victory this stage , we need to become more aware of the next phase of open steady , out of capacity , out of benefits will be even more critical , but also construction of the second phase space heaters are waiting for us ...... .
Today, we stood and united together , tomorrow we have to unite and create greater glories. Standing over the height , overlooking a higher goal , is our corporate culture , it is a business survival direction , the enterprise is social, it is everyone's business . Let us realize that only committed to long-term development of enterprises , employees can continue to improve the standard of living , the days become better.
Face of fierce market competition , faced with more opportunities and challenges , we believe that the majority of employees will be able to continue to promote solidarity, indomitable spirit of difficulties in ensuring safety on the basis of the successful completion of the next phase of various tasks. The rapid development of the Group 's New Chapter chapter , another record performance .
Wish you success in your work , good health, family happiness and good luck !
Group of the Party , the Board of Directors , the union
April 16, 2013

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