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Author:Qian Mei Ling   Source: Labour Department   Published:2013-07-24   Viewed 1855 times

According to the actual needs of the production company, approved and agreed by the leadership directed recruitment 20, the specific recruitment are as follows:
1, the recruitment conditions
⑴ Gender: Male;
⑵ Age: 18 to 30 years of age;
⑶ Education: junior high school and higher education;
⑷ Other: physical health, no disability; rural household priority.
2, Position: according to the company targeted recruitment posts in this office operatives assigned for duty.
3, treatment:
⑴ by hiring the signing of labor contracts, payment of five insurance payments;
⑵ hillock at the position after the real wage standards.
Labour Department
July 22, 2013

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