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Long term supply of "Haoyuan" brand series of compound fertilizer [2015-07-21]
Long term supply of "Haoyuan" brand zinc humic acid urea [2015-07-21]
Long term supply of "Haoyuan" brand of polypeptide urea [2015-07-21]
The company's long-term sell the following products [2014-11-17]
Long term supply of Hao source brand of ammonium hydrogen carbonate [2014-11-17]
Long term supply of Hao source brand urea [2014-11-17]
Refined alcohol and transform a device sold ( old ) [2012-02-26]
2 old Dongfeng Electric vehicle sales [2012-02-14]
Jetta and other tender [2011-09-18]
Soot, ash sedimentation tank, the old transformers and other tender [2011-09-13]
Soot, sulfur, slag and other materials the size of the tender [2011-09-05]
Long-term sale of product announcements [2011-08-06]
Companies invited to tender for the electrical equipment, energy-saving technological transformation projects, the integrated system to invite tenders [2009-09-18]
5 tons and 25 tons of small road bridge crane hook procurement tender invitation [2009-09-18]
110KV substation integrated automation equipment procurement to invite tenders [2009-09-18]
Circulating fluidized bed boiler to invite tenders to invite tenders procurement [2009-09-18]
【Invite tenders】Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. Anhui Haoyuan green engineering design bids invited [2009-09-18]
【MV】 invited to tender to invite bids jacket Procurement [2009-09-18]
Combination of waste heat boiler to invite tenders to invite tenders procurementDear Customer: [2009-09-18]
Cable procurement tender invitation to invite tenders [2009-09-18]
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