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Long term supply of Hao source brand urea
Author:Haoyuan group information center   Source:Haoyuan group information center   Published:2014-11-17   Viewed 1134 times

Company name: Anhui Haoyuan Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd.
Product specifications: 40 kg / bag 50 kg / bag
The implementation of standards for GB2004--2001
The total nitrogen (N) (dry basis)% > 46.4
Shrinkage of two urea (Bi)% less than or equal to 0.9
Water (H2O)% less than or equal to 0.5
Product Description: urea is an amide nitrogen organic nitrogen, its molecular formula is CO (NH2) 2, is the highest nitrogen content of solid nitrogen fertilizer.
This product is a white translucent particles, which are neutral fertilizer, soluble in water at 20 DEG C, 100 grams of water dissolving urea 100 grams, at room temperature
Little moisture absorption. The diffusion of urea is very strong, small part can be absorbed by the plant to molecular state. This product is suitable for various soils and crops, can
For the base fertilizer, seed fertilizer and foliar application. Urea except for agriculture, it is the resin, plastics, pharmaceutical and food industry
The raw material, and livestock, fresh water aquaculture feed.


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