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Long term supply of "Haoyuan" brand series of compound fertilizer
Author:   Source: Haoyuan group fertilizer products sales company   Published:2015-07-21   Viewed 420 times

Company name: Anhui Haoyuan Chemical Industry Group Co. Ltd.
Product specifications: 50 kg / bag
The implementation of the standard is GB15063-2009
Formula 15-15-15 (Gao Lv)
Formula 25-13-7 (medium chlorine)
Product description:
Applicable crop
Suitable for corn, wheat, rice, cotton and other field crops.
Two, usage and dosage
Can furrowing, fertilizing, applicator. Recommended dosage: 40-50 kg / mu, according to the local soil fertility situation gradually increase or decrease.
Three, matters needing attention
This product is chlorine, chlorine and chlorine to avoid sensitive crops (such as tea, tobacco, sericulture etc.) should not be applicable; the product part of nitrogen using urea as raw material contg. Two urea, improper use can cause damage to crops.


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