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Coal prices continue to fall in the lower prices
Author:   Source: China fertilizer network   Published:2017-11-11   Viewed 47 times

After the nineteen, the production of coal sales in general, near the consumption season, the policy to suppress the behavior of driving up coal prices, coal prices down further established. Entered in November, the downstream purchasing enthusiasm is not high, the price is obvious, the main coal producing areas of Shanxi, Shaanxi and Mongolia price pressure is greater, most of the coal mine is in zero inventory or low inventory state, coal drawing vehicles are also significantly reduced. From the demand side, the downstream power plant demand continues to fade, but with the cooler weather, the demand for civil coal has improved.

[Shanxi region] this cycle, coal prices in Shanxi steady down, the market more wait-and-see attitude to the market outlook. Recently, due to weak demand and port coal prices continued to fall, the main coal producing areas in Shanxi sales fell, the downstream buyers to reduce prices increased behavior, coal prices steadily down. In the coal market, some coal enterprises in Shuozhou and Xinzhou prices dropped 5-10 yuan / ton, through the coal market, the group of coal prices temporary stability, part of the local coal prices in Changzhi, Jinzhong and other parts of the coal price down 20-70 yuan / ton.
Overall, Shanxi Province, the main coal producing areas of coal cars less, part of mine has a small amount of inventory, the wagon train is still relatively tight, the latter is expected prices will continue to fall. At the same time, due to environmental protection reasons, some areas of Changzhi coal mine temporarily stopped shipment, and returned to normal in October 8th.
[Shaanxi region] in this period, the price of steam coal in Shaanxi region has risen and fallen, most of the coal production and marketing balance, a small part of the coal mine has a small amount of inventory. Entered in November, the main coal producing areas in Shaanxi sales situation is still not ideal, among them, the Shenfu coal mine coal sales worst, some coal prices fell again 10 yuan / ton. Yulin mixed block have a price advantage, sales improve mine pulling coal cars more, more sent to Hubei, Henan, Hebei, prices rise slightly. Overall, the main coal producing areas in Shaanxi province at the end of coal prices, coal prices rise slightly, the overall weak demand, the price inspection strictly, in the short term, the price of coal in Shaanxi province is still likely to continue to decline.
[Inner Mongolia region] this cycle, Inner Mongolia coal prices continue to fall. In November, the downstream demand slowed, the policy to suppress the hoard of coal price behavior, middlemen to reduce procurement, Inner Mongolia major coal producing area of coal sales, coal cars decrease, coal inventory is not high, coal prices fell significantly, the big block coal prices 10-20 yuan / ton, other coal prices relatively stable. Data show that the calorific value of 4800 kcal coal pit area Ordos price 285-291 yuan / ton, unchanged; the heat 5000 kcal coal export price 315-321 yuan / ton, down 5 yuan / ton.
Overall, on the eve of the Department in charge of heating, to maintain stable prices, suppress the stockpile bidding behavior, make the whole coal industry chain price pressure, the origin of supply and demand balance is tight, the price of coal is expected in November will continue the downward trend, and this year the winter coal storage transportation of coal price uplift efforts will be weaker than in previous years.


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