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Now the domestic export force: diammonium
Author:   Source:China fertilizer network   Published:2017-11-13   Viewed 48 times

Since this year, the annual export of diammonium zero tariff, although so far this year diammonium export only slightly compared with last year increment (according to customs statistics China: 1-9 months of this year the total exports of 4 million 958 thousand and 200 tons of ammonium in the same period last year, exports of 4 million 136 thousand tons, up 19.87%, but the export increment) diammonium export price trend this year is slightly better than last year. Coupled with the recent international prices driven by sulfur, diammonium international transaction from the previous have a significant rise, such as the recent Latin America sold Legg Mason company 25 thousand tons of diammonium turnover FOB in 365 U.S. dollars / ton, compared with the previous rose 20 U.S. dollars / ton, CIF Argentina DAP from the previous $370-375 / ton raised to 385-390 dollars / ton, but the domestic enterprises in international trade has enthusiasm, mainly reflected in the following points:

First, international supply pressures remain. Although the company said recently Mason plans at the end of 2017 off idle diammonium device, then the whole annual production capacity will be reduced 1 million 50 thousand tons or so, but Morocco and Russia and other major exporters of post production will gradually rise, the international market competition still exists, although the short-term international diammonium cash can be sold is relatively small, but because the price is relatively high, a part of an importer is also cautious, and dare to purchase.
Secondly, the intensity of international demand is relatively low. India market purchasing power is relatively weak, the recent Saudi Arabian Mining Co (Ma Aden) and India the latest transaction price at 380 U.S. dollars / ton, according to India's current subsidy policy and the domestic price of view, import traders at a loss within the scope of the ongoing and local elections, the policy is relatively not too clear. India is expected to return to the market buyers in the short term.
Finally, domestic limited production and winter storage will start soon. Although the current international diammonium prices are rising, but according to the current Chinese diammonium enterprises 64% diammonium intention FOB 390 U. s.dollars / ton, equivalent to the highest price CIF only 2530 yuan / ton, while the previous 64% domestic diammonium ex factory in 2400-2450 yuan / ton, slightly better than the export market, coupled with the phosphate fertilizer meeting has a domestic winter storage potential demand is large, on the other hand, up to now, the overall yield of diammonium was slightly lower than last year, the overall operating rate is relatively low, or even individual enterprises said part of the region has stopped the collection, give priority to the supply of the northeast and Northwest market, the price of each enterprise as expected Dongchu gradually after the introduction of diammonium supply will be stretched, enterprises in order to occupy the domestic market, export the appropriate reduction is also reasonable.
By the cost push, coupled with the recent market supply slightly shortage, prices will inevitably increase the recent DAP, but by the relatively high control of raw materials, to ensure the fluctuations in the prices of raw materials of diammonium after it needs to remain stable for all enterprises through their own operating rate and adjust.


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