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The meeting ended in phosphate and compound fertilizer compound fertilizer for winter storage ready
Author:   Source: China fertilizer network   Published:2017-11-15   Viewed 51 times

In November 12th, eighteenth of the domestic production of high concentration phosphate compound fertilizer will (hereinafter referred to as: the phosphate fertilizer Conference) ended in Wuhan International Expo Center, since its inception in 2000, phosphate fertilizer conference play a positive role in the promotion of domestic brands and promote domestic fertilizer production and circulation of a wide range of cooperation, promote the development of China fertilizer industry etc.. This meeting of the scale of the exhibition is a record high, a total of more than 240 exhibitors, booth number up to more than 900, brought together a large number of domestic and foreign brands of fertilizer market, not only for the enterprise image promotion, product display provides excellent products, but also provides a direction for the future development of chemical fertilizer industry.

Usually the phosphate fertilizer meeting as an important time node, is regarded as an important signal of compound fertilizer annual winter storage started this year, especially in compound fertilizer raw materials rose in the circumstances, each enterprise product price and related Dongchu policy is widely concerned in agricultural. At present, phosphate fertilizer meeting has ended, compound fertilizer of winter storage market is not completely clear, but can be called ready, enterprise related prices and policies are gradually introduced.
A small number of enterprises to pick up, start to pick up.
Since the 10 mid autumn Wheat Fertilizer start, local fertilizer market gradually into the off-season, accompanied by a sharp reduction in demand, many enterprises began to take the initiative to reduce fertilizer production capacity, rotation inspection device, the overall operating rate showed a downward trend, Shandong, Mesopotamia, the more obvious, according to Chinese fertilizer network statistics, the whole month two composite 10 fertilizer enterprises operating rate has dropped to about 35%, a decline of about 20%; at the same time double holiday home after raw material prices continued to rise, a substantial increase in the cost of compound fertilizer, because the market outlook remains unclear, so the part of compound fertilizer enterprises after the fall of fertilizer requirement temporarily taken over orders, no price policy. Since the beginning of last week, the overall operating rate of compound fertilizer enterprises has increased significantly compared with the previous period, the overall operating rate of the national compound fertilizer has risen to about 53%, and the operating rate in Shandong and Northeast China has reached about 45%. With the end of phosphate fertilizer meeting, around the winter will be launched this week, Shandong and other parts of compound fertilizer enterprises to start small orders, early due to reduced demand for parking or environmental protection enterprises have started to resume production, the overall operating rate has been warmer.
Play money interest rebate, the price will soon be clear
According to the China fertilizer network to understand, at present Shandong area urea mainstream factory price for 1750-1760 yuan (ton price, the same below), Hubei area 55% powdery ammonium mainstream factory price for 2250-2300 yuan, 50% powder of potassium sulfate in Mannheim mainstream factory price is 2800 yuan. Raw material prices, also fertilizer costs increase, the general cost of 45% chlorine based general-purpose products (by pure raw materials is) 1735 yuan, the general cost of 45% sulfur based general-purpose products (by pure raw materials is) 2075 yuan, so the majority of enterprise products factory price rose, the current mainstream the 45% chlorine based general-purpose products factory price 1850-2110 yuan, the mainstream 45% sulfur based general-purpose products factory price 2150-2400 yuan, rose more significantly. The raw material price hikes, a substantial increase in the cost of compound fertilizer, while in winter storage before the demand gap, most companies offer has been rising, but the new single turnover is not ideal, the main reason is the market demand is slow, two and downstream is not recognized after the new price. Although the phosphate fertilizer session has ended, but the winter storage price of most enterprises is still not clear, the more common is the implementation of payment, interest subsidies and warehousing threshold level rebate policy, the main reason for winter storage price of compound fertilizer enterprises fails to issue the raw material price is too high, after the period of uncertain trend. If the raw material prices remained high, fertilizer prices or stored in winter than in previous years will rise, but the downstream would become the focus of compound fertilizer enterprises; if the price is too low for winter storage companies introduced, so the price of raw materials rose sharply late once again, it will cause the enterprise does not make the compensate situation, so the compound fertilizer the introduction of enterprises for winter storage price dilemma, also can temporarily implement the relevant policies, but with the passage of time, the specific price will gradually rose to the level, there are some companies meeting to discuss, and a few companies have issued winter provisional price, is expected to price each winter storage enterprise in the next two weeks will be gradually introduced.
Winter storage as a fertilizer market every year ending battle, attracted much attention. Therefore, regardless of the compound fertilizer winter storage price is rising or stable, upstream enterprises and downstream dealers must recognize the trend of the market, make timely adjustments, do not blindly operate.


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