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Phosphate fertilizer disclosure 2018 scientific fertilization key will
Author:   Source:China fertilizer network   Published:2017-11-18   Viewed 39 times

On November 10~12, the eighteenth domestic high concentrations of phosphate and compound fertilizer production will be held in Hubei, Wuhan. At the Symposium on the analysis of the macroeconomic situation, the chief minister of the Ministry of agriculture, Department of plant management, said that the key points of scientific fertilization in 2018 could be summarized as three major actions, two pilot projects and one reform. The three actions refer to the zero increase action of fertilizer application, the protection and promotion of cultivated land quality and the action of agricultural water saving; the two pilot refers to the pilot project of northeast black land protection and the experiment of replacing organic fertilizer with fruit tea organic fertilizer; a reform is the reform of fertilizer registration management system.

Zhong Lu pointed out that "integration" can be a good generalization of industrial development. From the development of the whole industry, the integration of chemical fertilizer industry and agricultural production is becoming more and more close. This not only promotes the development of new technology and new products, but also promotes the development of new services, new models and new mechanisms. This integration is the trend of the times, and also the direction that we should focus on and support in the future.
According to the report, the next step is to promote the popularization and application of new products, new technologies, new machines and equipment, and promote the development of new service mechanism. In promoting the development of new service mechanism, will accelerate the development, transformation and application of soil testing formula fertilization data, with the aid of Internet technology means, through agricultural materials, electricity providers and other platforms, to promote soil testing formula data better service agriculture. At the same time, in the support and promotion of a number of social service organizations on the efforts by the government to buy way to promote the establishment of a number of social service organizations, provide the system, measurement system, system, system for application service, promote new products and new technology application. Actively explore the use of financial, financial, tax and other innovative means to support social capital into the field of scientific fertilization, and promote industrial development.
In the protection and improvement of the quality of cultivated land in action, will continue to increase investment, according to the different soil types in different regions of soil, through technology integration and demonstration to promote a number of soil improvement, soil fertility, remediation technology, and strive to make the level of cultivated land quality degradation trend has been checked, and improve the level of quality of cultivated land.
It is understood that agricultural water-saving action focuses on Dryland Farming in Northeast, northwest, North China and other areas, grasping the integration of water and fertilizer technology, increasing investment in efficient water-saving irrigation project, and promoting the reform of agricultural water price.
Northeast black land protection pilot, will vigorously promote the integration and demonstration of technology, to promote the establishment of black land protection award policy and the establishment of the black land protection fund, through the innovation mechanism to establish long-term mechanism of black land protection. Continue to add fruit vegetable tea organic fertilizer alternativefertilizer pilot implementation efforts.
Next, the Ministry of agriculture will vigorously implement the requirements of the State Council on the reform of "discharge clothing", and promote the better development of fertilizer registration management system. First of all, optimize the fertilizer registration management system. Management positioning, the next step will be more prominent on the new fertilizer safety risk monitoring and evaluation, such as the new fertilizer limit heavy metal index settings on the soil, water, environment impact. At the same time, reference to standardization, combined with standard reform, strengthen the registration of fertilizer product quality supervision. For a large number of traditional fertilizers used, the management can be gradually relaxed. Secondly, simplify the fertilizer registration management procedures, and vigorously promote the information of fertilizer registration management, facilitate enterprise management and public inquiries, simplify the process. Thirdly, the service of fertilizer enterprises should be materialized. Finally, strengthen government supervision. Increase market supervision and spot check, purify fertilizer market order, and safeguard the interests of legitimate business enterprises.


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