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Urea: "fall" flowers to human feeling is like running water.
Author:   Source:China fertilizer network   Published:2017-11-20   Viewed 40 times

Affected by the India light, China's domestic urea market to weak the It is as expected, prices gradually decline, has lasted for nearly 10 days, but not all of the accidents are beautiful, this is a time bomb, so manufacturers, dealers including large agricultural companies like this, began a careful consideration, some was originally a large number of procurement plans were shelved, but also some is only the first, not the settlement. "My gaze toward the moon, but the moon shines on the ditch", the current price of urea is "fall" to spend, but the downstream distribution market and the terminal does not seem to be willing to pay farmers.

Considering that India might have once again bid, so the market is looking forward to, but if it is tender, is tantamount to "a slap in the face, to jujube", but so far domestic urea prices slow rate is limited, such as some manufacturers in Shandong area fell 20-40 yuan / only tons, some manufacturers in Anhui area is only down 30 yuan / ton; urea enterprises in Sichuan and Chongqing area for the natural gas as raw material, due to the limit of gas prices due to increased business costs, very price will strong, does not seem to be affected by the price surge affected, but even so, the downstream market is to buy or not to buy up the psychological.
Liquid ammonia prices rose, urea manufacturers may shift the focus of production. In addition to the operating rate, the cost of raw material inputs affect the price trend of urea, there are changes in ammonia liquid market, but also one of the important factors of urea price. Now most strong rebound in the market, most areas often broke the 3000 yuan / ton level in North China, by the "2+26" air pollution control activities since November, most ammonia factory operating rate has been maintained in half or less, the Shandong market is affected, enterprises operating in the same market in Central China is not high, especially the part of the business plan Hunan and Hubei area maintenance, a few enterprises subject to environmental impact check stop, ammonia factory acceptance mainstream reference price has risen to 3010-3150 yuan / ton, and the surrounding market is still in the exploration rose; Yunnan Guizhou area with ammonia enterprise's ammonia price has reached 3150-3300 yuan / ton. Urea enterprises are likely to reduce the start, turn to produce liquid ammonia, slow down the rate of urea drop and avoid a larger decline, which may mean that some enterprises will have a moderate rebound in urea prices opportunities.
The coal market is weak and the natural gas market is strong. The coal began to fall from the previous Shaanxi, the market always weak performance, in order to ensure the heating demand of coal, coal mine production downtime most early, increase the supply of liquid ammonia; enterprises using natural gas as raw material, use a limited amount of high prices, Sichuan and other parts of the average price of 1.89 yuan per cubic meter, the northeast area has reached more than 2 yuan, such a high cost, the downstream gas producers (urea, ammonia) production costs facing certain pressure; therefore affected by raw materials, the market performance of urea manufacturers a high price of urea, Sichuan Chongqing, Guizhou, Shandong, Jiangsu and other places, the price fell mainly.
The industrial and agricultural needs are different, after the phosphate fertilizer meeting, compound fertilizer enterprises operating rate and no significant recovery, one hand is affected by the environmental protection examination of the impact of small and Medium Enterprises Limited production, the most serious; on the other hand is stored for the winter are not clear, no big enterprises, some enterprises and the arrival of urea, but pre reserve with the start of the compound fertilizer enterprises, improved urea market will be boosted, the industry can look forward to. The demand for agriculture is weak, the big agricultural dealer's gambling rising voice is reduced, the planned purchasing quantity is also reduced, the grass roots market is watching, and the terminal winter storage market is silent.
In summary, the urea market is luohuayouyi with water, flowers and human feeling is like running water. Confidence is not enough, the dealer gambling, so urea market on the current is still high in some conflict; but the above three factors showed that the urea market still has positive factors can be expected, price drop should be limited.


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