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Opportunities for fertilizer in beautiful China
Author:   Source: China fertilizer network   Published:2017-11-22   Viewed 52 times

Two of the nineteen reports are related to the fertilizer market, one is the construction of beautiful China, the other is the modernization of agriculture and rural areas in two. What impact will the construction of beautiful China have on the fertilizer market? Experts believe that both challenges may lead to the reduction of chemical fertilizer consumption; and opportunities, a new market is opening, fertilizer enterprises need urgent transformation, several kinds of fertilizer products that are conducive to ecological protection will rise.

One is organic fertilizer and organic inorganic compound fertilizer. There are about 38 tons of livestock manure in China every year, 40% of them are not effectively utilized, and the rate of returning straw nutrients directly to them is only 35%. These wastes not only pollute the environment, but also waste the resources. The use of these wastes into organic fertilizer or organic-inorganic compound fertilizer not only reduces pollution, but also beautifies the environment, turning waste into treasure and killing two birds with one stone.
Two is slow and controlled release fertilizer. Chinese fertilizer excessive phenomenon is more prominent, data show that the crop 21.9 kilograms of fertilizer per mu, far higher than the world average level (8 kg per mu), is 2.6 times the United States, the EU's 2.5 times. The production of chemical fertilizer requires coal, natural gas, phosphate rock, potassium ore and other resources. The more fertilizer application, the greater the consumption of mineral resources, the excess fertilizer will pollute the environment, leaching of chemical fertilizer has become an important source of water pollution. Slow and controlled release fertilizers release nutrients according to the law of crop requirement fertilizer, fertilizer utilization rate can be greatly improved, which is one of the directions of chemical fertilizer development.
Three is water soluble fertilizer. Compared with traditional fertilizers, water soluble fertilizers not only have various formulations, but also have very flexible application methods. Soil can be irrigated, so that the root of the plant in full contact with fertilizer, absorb a variety of nutrients; can be sprayed on the leaves, through the leaves of stomata into the plant, improve fertilizer absorption and utilization rate; also can drip irrigation and soilless cultivation, irrigation water saving, improve labor productivity.
Four gardening fertilizer. The future rural will be filled with green grass and flowers, garden vegetables, fruit fragrance, ecological agriculture and rural tourism leisure tourism will usher in the great development of flowers and gardening, fertilizer, fertilizer fertilizer will be popular in the market, the demand is expected to usher in the explosive growth.


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